Open Water Class Schedule

2017 Dates

Nov. 2, 3 (Class/Pool); 4, 5 (Springs)

Nov. 30, Dec 1 (Class/Pool); Dec. 2, 3 (Springs)

2018 Dates

Jan. 25, 26 (Class/Pool); 27, 28 (Springs)

Feb. 22, 23 (Class/Pool); 24, 25 (Springs)

Mar. 8, 9 (Class/Pool); 10, 11 (Springs)

Mar. 22, 23 (Class/Pool); 24, 25 (Springs)

Apr. 12, 13 (Class/Pool); 14, 15 (Springs)

Apr. 26, 27 (Class/Pool); 28, 29 (Springs)

Important Message For New Divers


It is imperative that new divers realize the importance of a thorough learning experience. Some of our competitors offer an expedited class, rushing through the entire course in a single two-day weekend. While this time frame may be very appealing, it is not very conducive to learning the ins-and-outs of being a SAFE diver. Our class structure allows us to address each student's needs by providing a slower paced, more thorough learning experience. If you have already completed an expedited class, and you do not feel comfortable with your learning experience, we encourage you to contact us so we can provide you with some remedial training during one of our scheduled Open Water Diver classes.

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Learn to dive today with a PADI Open Water Diver Certification.

We are Jacksonville's only full service PADI Dive Center.

80% of divers worldwide are PADI certified, making PADI the world's leading SCUBA certification agency and First Coast Divers is Jacksonville's only full service PADI dive center. Our staff of PADI instructors strive to offer the highest quality training while providing a safe and fun experience. Whether you'r

e just starting out, or continuing your SCUBA education, rest assured that you will receive nothing less than the best with a PADI certification at First Coast Divers.

We offer two pricing options:

Option One: $350
This price includes everything but the use of personal basic scuba gear. We believe that having your own personal basic scuba gear (mask, snorkel, fins, lead weight) is essential. When you provide your own set of personal basic scuba gear, you'll receive a $49 discount on the all inclusive tuition price. When you buy your personal basic scuba gear from First Coast Divers, you'll receive a 10% student discount on the initial purchase.

Option Two: $399
NO HIDDEN FEES! This price includes absolutely everything you need to complete the course; tuition, study materials, certification fees, entrance fees to the freshwater springs, use of the actual SCUBA gear (regulator, dive computer, BCD, wetsuit, and tanks) and use of a basic scuba gear package (mask, snorkel, fins, lead weight) for the duration of the course. Although we highly recommend students buy their own personal basic scuba gear, this option is perfect for folks who are on a budget and can't afford to invest in their own personal basic scuba gear.

Bring a Buddy and Save! When you sign up for our PADI Open Water Diver Certification Course with one or more buddies, each student diver will receive $25 off the price option of their choice.

Suunto’s Computers in the Classroom Program: Trust us, the use of these dive computers is a HUGE advantage to your training, and it is exclusive to OUR dive shop. Dive computers have become standard equipment for today’s scuba divers, so we believe a new diver should learn to master this essential but uncomplicated piece of equipment from the very beginning.

Class Sizes & Instructor Continuity: Don’t get lost in the crowd!

We offer small class sizes so each student receives thorough instruction. And, unlike other competitors, we do not team-teach our open water classes. You will have the same instructor from start to finish!

Learning Pace: Don't be fooled by an expedited class schedule! Our classes are conducted in a manner that allows plenty of individual attention and thorough instruction.

Our Training Gear: All of our training gear is high quality Aqua Lung gear and is standardized for all students. Your training gear will either be new or in like-new condition. Every year, we sell-off our instructional gear and replace it with new gear. Rest assured, you will only train with the latest and best maintained gear available. Furthermore, in keeping with our practice of training students with the most current dive gear available, all of our training BCD’s are weight integrated.

learn to scuba diveClass Overview

Below is the class format and course schedule:

Thursday Evening 5-9 PM: Classroom session and gear fitting at First Coast Divers
Friday Evening 6:30-10 PM: Pool Session at Good Shepherd Pool for confined water dives 1-3
Saturday All Day 9 AM-5 PM: Dive Day 1 at fresh water springs. Open water dives 1-2, Confined water dives 4-5.
Sunday Half Day 9 AM-1 PM: Dive Day 2 at fresh water springs. Open water dives 3-4.

That's it, you're all finished! Now get back out there and keep diving!

For full details on the Open Water Diver course, click here.

Class Options

Bring a Buddy and Save! When you sign up for our PADI Open Water Diver Certification Course with one or more buddies, each student diver will receive $25 off the price option of their choice.

Purchase an Enriched Air/NITROX course in conjunction with the Open Water Diver course for only $150 extra!
For more information on the Enriched Air/NITROX course, please click here.

Hotel/BBQ Package: Don't want to make the long drive to and from the springs in a single day? No problem!
For only $69 per person (double occupancy), or $109 per person (single occupancy), we will book your hotel room, serve you a wonderful BBQ lunch, and furnish your drinks & snacks for both days of the trip!

Student Discount for Gear Package Purchases: Build your own "Personal Basic Scuba Gear" package (mask, fins, snorkel, lead weight, and booties) and receive a 10% discount! Initial purchase only.

padiPADI eLearning

This option is perfect for people on the go and those who prefer an online learning environment. PADI eLearning makes the knowledge development portion of your PADI Open Water Diver certification a snap!

Simply complete the knowledge development portion of your Open Water Diver certification course through PADI eLearning. Once completed, you will be prompted to print out your eLearner Completion Form. Bring that form to our facility at the start of your actual Open Water Diver class and you will receive full credit for the classroom portion of the class.


1. Convenience: Knowledge development, including homework assignments, quizzes and the final exam, is completed in the comfort of your own home or on the go. 
2. On-The-Go Accessibility: The multi-media online training platform can be accessed via internet from anywhere in the world.
3. Timeliness and Efficiency: The eLearner program provides a seamless learning experience, allowing you to move swiftly through knowledge development. We have had students complete the entire program in as little as 5 hours.
4. Thoroughness: The eLearner program provides thorough instruction and focused remediation, maximizing knowledge retention.
5. Lifetime Access: eLearners enjoy lifetime access to the PADI Open Water Diver Manual online for easy reference.


$100 upgrade over our PADI Open Water Diver Course prices.

Please Note: When you enroll in the eLearner program directly through the PADI website, the cost of the upgrade is $138. Buying your eLearner Access Pass Voucher from First Coast Divers not only saves you $38, but also allows you to become acquainted with First Coast Divers staff, putting friendly faces behind a knowledgeable support system!

2017 Class Schedule

We have many options to start your ultimate adventure! Below are the dates we have available for the Open Water course.

Feb 23, 24 (Class/Pool); 25, 26 (Springs)

March 9, 10 (Class/Pool) 11, 12 (Springs)

March 23, 24 (Class/Pool) 25, 26 (Springs)

April 6, 7 (Class/Pool) 8, 9 (Springs)

April 20, 21 (Class/Pool) 22, 23 (Springs)

May 4, 5 (Class/Pool) 6, 7 (Springs)

May 18, 19 (Class/Pool) 20, 21 (Springs)

June 1, 2 (Class/Pool) 3, 4 (Springs)

June 8, 9 (Class/Pool) 10, 11 (Springs)

June 22, 23 (Class/Pool) 24, 25 (Springs)

July 6, 7 (Class/Pool) 8, 9 (Springs)

July 13, 14 (Class/Pool) 15, 16 (Springs)

July 27, 28 (Class/Pool) 29, 30 (Springs)

August 10, 11 (Class/Pool) 12, 13 (Springs)

August 17, 18 (Class/Pool) 19, 20 (Springs)

August 24, 25 (Class/Pool) 26, 27 (Pool)

September 7, 8 (Class/Pool) 9, 10 (Springs)

September 21, 22 (Class/Pool) 23, 24 (Springs)

For more information on specific dates the Open Water Diver classes are held, please check our calendar.

Private Classes

Private classes are a great option for individuals with unique work schedules, who can't take weekends off, need a last minute certification for an upcoming vacation, or would just prefer the comfort of a smaller, more personal class. Whatever your situation, we will work with you to create a custom schedule that fits your needs and wants.

1-Person Class: $1500
2-Person Class: $750 each
3-Person Class: $650 each
4-Person Class: $550 each
5+ Person Class: $385 each

Please keep in mind, these prices are based on our Option #1 price format, in which student divers furnish their own personal basic scuba gear (mask, fins, snorkel & lead weight). Any students in a private class who wish to take advantage of Option #2 (First Coast Divers furnishes personal basic gear for the duration of the course) will incur an upgrade charge of $74.

Note: Prices include a single night hotel stay (double occupancy) near the dive site location. BBQ lunches will not be furnished by First Coast Divers for privately scheduled classes.

Ready to start your adventure? It's easy!

You can give us a call, stop by for a visit at our shop, or fill out an online registration form and one of our representatives will be in touch with you shortly!

*Please keep in mind that pre-registration is important so that you have plenty of time to complete your homework.

For folks on a budget, we are happy to accept a $200 NON-REFUNDABLE deposit (includes study materials) securing your spot in the scheduled class in which you wish to participate. Remaining balance is due at the start of your class.

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