Open Water Class Schedule

2017 Dates

Nov. 2, 3 (Class/Pool); 4, 5 (Springs)

Nov. 30, Dec 1 (Class/Pool); Dec. 2, 3 (Springs)

2018 Dates

Jan. 25, 26 (Class/Pool); 27, 28 (Springs)

Feb. 22, 23 (Class/Pool); 24, 25 (Springs)

Mar. 8, 9 (Class/Pool); 10, 11 (Springs)

Mar. 22, 23 (Class/Pool); 24, 25 (Springs)

Apr. 12, 13 (Class/Pool); 14, 15 (Springs)

Apr. 26, 27 (Class/Pool); 28, 29 (Springs)

Important Message For New Divers


It is imperative that new divers realize the importance of a thorough learning experience. Some of our competitors offer an expedited class, rushing through the entire course in a single two-day weekend. While this time frame may be very appealing, it is not very conducive to learning the ins-and-outs of being a SAFE diver. Our class structure allows us to address each student's needs by providing a slower paced, more thorough learning experience. If you have already completed an expedited class, and you do not feel comfortable with your learning experience, we encourage you to contact us so we can provide you with some remedial training during one of our scheduled Open Water Diver classes.

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